Final 3 down payment assistance myths debunked – Get the top 10

We want you to get the real story on down payment assistance. Drum roll please…we debunk our final three surprisingly common myths about down payment assistance. And, you can check out our complete top 10.

In a competitive market, it’s important to investigate all your options and don’t let these common myths keep you sidelined.  keep reading

3 More Down Payment Assistance Myths Debunked

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Can you qualify to buy a home now? Many renters actually have the income and credit qualifications to buy a home, and simply need to overcome the down payment hurdle. Too often, long held myths about homebuyer programs can hold you back.

We debunk three more surprisingly common myths about down payment assistance. Don’t miss our first installment where we debunked Myths #1 – 4. keep reading

New Program Tackles Student Loan and Down Payment Challenges

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The high cost of student loans get blamed for a lot today—millennials living with parents again, delaying marriage and homeownership. The first-time homebuyer market remains stalled and many sources blame student loan debt for the drag on future buyer’s finances. Moreover, rising rents prevent would-be buyers from saving for a home.

One state recently launched a new program that may help solve those problems. keep reading