Agent launches DPR marketing tool DURING webinar!

Some marketing goals take weeks and months to accomplish. With Down Payment Resource, all you need is a few minutes to make a difference. Just ask Carrie Van Beusekom.

During a recent webinar, DPR best practices for agents, we showed agents using DPR through their MLS how they can set up their own DPR Personal Marketing Tool on their website, social sites and email signature. Carrie Van Beusekom with Coldwell Banker Burnet in Edina, Minnesota did just that. Before the webinar was over, Carrie copied her unique DPR link, chose a down payment icon and created her first business Facebook post highlighting down payment programs and how buyers can search for help with her new link.

We followed up with Carrie to find out more about her business and how she works with her buyers.

Why do you think many buyers are still on the sidelines?

Tmr104301f6720vanbeusekomwebwenty years ago I believed because I was in my early 30s and had an hourly, support job, I couldn’t afford or qualify to buy my first home. When I finally inquired, I was so happy and surprised I could and I did. But fear and discouragement kept me from calling anyone for a long time. That still holds true for a large percentage of our country today. They believe that homeownership is beyond their reach because maybe it was for their parents or grandparents or they were displaced a few years ago by foreclosure or short sale.

What’s happening in your market?

I believe the Minneapolis rental market is tight right now. There are not a lot of vacancies in some communities and there are wait lists. I belong to a closed Facebook group that is strictly for people to lease or lease out property in the Twin Cities area. All day long people are in search of (‘ISO’) someplace to live. Down Payment Resource will be a great tool for me to show them that there are other alternatives than continuing to rent.

What made you decide to use Down Payment Resource in your business?

I thoroughly love working with buyers. I get to establish a relationship and by the end of the journey I can call them friend. But the first question buyers ask is always: “do you think I would qualify?” Down Payment Resource is a tool that will help me to help them understand how a property could be a good fit for them, not just as a home, but financially with the help of a homeownership program.

This tool gives me credibility as a real estate professional and for anyone that knows me…I like to work effectively but efficiently! I couldn’t wait to get started!

What was the process like to get started?

Setting up the Down Payment Resource posts on facebook, the hyperlink for the “Call-to-Action” button, and the hyperlink in my email was very easy. The step-by-step directions from the link that is provided during the webinar made it so easy to understand and complete. I look forward to helping my clients that much more!

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