Feeling stuck in your home buying journey? These success stories will inspire you.

If you’re one of the first in your crowd to buy a home, you may feel alone in your journey. Has the prospect of research, financial documents and a competitive market got you down? We know it’s not easy to comb through all the details.

The good news is that the rate of first-time homebuyers is increasing – they were responsible for 85 percent of the housing market’s sales growth over the past two years, according to a new study.

Get inspired for your own journey with these great first-time homebuyer success stories. Yes, it’s possible! keep reading

How to Start Saving for a Home When You’re Still Renting

by Beth Kotz

If you’re used to living in a cramped apartment and paying rent to a landlord who never fixes anything, then you’ve probably dreamed about ending the tenant life and finding yourself a home to call your own. It doesn’t need to stop as a dream, nor does homeownership require extraordinary wealth. With some prioritizing, planning, research and smart money management, you can afford a down payment on a home. keep reading