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Down Payment Connect gives prospective homebuyers more reasons to work with you.

Millions of renters could buy a home today if they understood down payment requirements and that down payment help is available.

The challenge is connecting those prospective homebuyers to the 2,500 homebuyer programs around the country that offer down payment and closing cost help, tax credits and more.

Until now.

With Down Payment Connect, you connect prospective homebuyers to down payment help through your own custom online landing page.

Down Payment Connect is a great way for real estate agents to build stronger relationships with prospective homebuyers, help them solve the biggest home buying challenge, and generate more quality leads.

Best all, Down Payment Connect is FREE if you are a member of one of our partner Multiple Listing Services, and if not, it’s only $19.95/month per state.

Learn more below or scroll down to subscribe.


Learn more:

It’s simple. We provide you a custom web page where your prospects or existing clients can search for all of the down payment programs they may qualify for in your market.

As they complete a search on your page, they see how many homebuyer programs may be available, and complete a contact form which delivers a lead email to you (and only you) to learn more.

After they submit their info, we send the consumer a confirmation email with the list of programs they found and your contact information.

The leads are all yours. When a prospective buyer comes to your Down Payment Connect page, completes a homebuyer program search, and submits your contact form, the leads goes to you (and only you).

No lead sharing or lead pools. No other agents or anyone else sees your leads. No commission splits. Just you. Note: We aren’t a CRM or a lead management system, so the leads are emailed to you and it’s yours to handle from there.

Be creative! Send your Down Payment Connect link to your existing clients and prospects as a way to strengthen your relationship and provide extra value.

Add your link to a buyer or first-time homebuyer section on your website. Add it as a navigation item at the top of your website, for example “Down Payment Help.”

Enhance your email signature with your Down Payment Connect link. Use it in your blog posts. Include it in email newsletters.

Incorporate Down Payment Connect into your social media sites, posts, profiles and content.

Both. Prospective homebuyers who are starting to consider homeownership or are looking for down payment help can be directed to your personal Down Payment Connect landing page.

Use the link anywhere you engage with prospects online to help educate them about all the opportunities available to help them purchase a home.

You can also send to your existing clients so they can search for down payment help. It’s a great way to add value to new relationships or kickstart conversations with dormant prospects.

It’s easy to get started. First, see if your MLS is one of our partner MLSs. If so, login to your MLS and Down Payment Connect is free and waiting for you.

If not, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to subscribe to the paid version. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive an email with your personal Down Payment Connect link and a login to access more marketing resources.

If you are a member of one of our partner MLSs, you don’t have to sign up at all – you already have a Down Payment Connect link waiting for you by clicking the Down Payment Resource (DPR) link on your MLS system home page.

If you subscribe to the paid version, we send you a subscription confirmation email after your subscription and first payment are confirmed. It includes your personal Down Payment Connect link along with a login to access more marketing content and resources.

Each time a consumer completes a contact form from your Down Payment Connect page, you’ll get a lead email to your subscription email address.

Share your customized Down Payment Connect web page with existing clients (via email, newsletter, online, social media, etc.) and let them know you can help them find down payment help.

You can also share your link with prospective homebuyers via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email or other any other platform.

Down Payment Connect is like a magnet for leads – the more you let prospects know about the down payment programs available from your personal Down Payment Connect page, the more leads you’ll generate.

Down Payment Connect is free is you are a member of one of our partner MLSs!

If your MLS has not partnered with us yet, Down Payment Connect is available for a monthly subscription of just $19.95 per state. Most real estate agents subscribe to one state, which means prospective homebuyers who use your tool can search anywhere in that state and see all programs for which they may qualify within that state.

Some real estate agents work in markets that cross multiple states and may elect to subscribe to multiple states. For example, if you work in the Capitol area, you may want to subscribe to D.C., Maryland and Virginia, each state being $19.95/month. You’d still have one account and one Down Payment Connect link, but it would allow searches in multiple states.

Down Payment Connect subscriptions are month-to-month for paid subscribers. You are not under contract and can elect to cancel at any time by contacting us at

Once you subscribe, your confirmation email will include a login to access more marketing ideas, examples, tutorials, customizable marketing flyers and more, plus an invitation to our private Down Payment Insiders Facebook Group.

Your Down Payment Connect page is already unique to you and your market and names you as the expert throughout the workflow.

If you have the free version through one of our partner MLSs, there are no customization options.

If you subscribe to the paid version, you have the option to add a logo or headshot image at the top of the landing page. We currently don’t support additional customization of colors, content, etc.

Yes, but we’ll need to help you with that.

If your name changes, you want to cancel, you want to change/add/remove a logo, or need to change your payment method, you can login to your Down Payment Connect dashboard and use our Help Desk or you can contact us at

Still have questions? Contact us at or watch the short video below.