Down Payment Programs 101: The 3 most common homebuyer programs

How do you go from dreaming of owning a home to holding your first set of keys? If you’re like most first-time buyers, the down payment is your biggest hurdle. But, it could pay off big time to know your down payment options.

There are more than 2,400 homebuyer programs available across the country–they can be as unique as the homebuyers and communities they serve. Let’s break down the basics of today’s homebuyer programs. keep reading

Becoming a First-time Buyer in America’s Least Affordable City

For millennials in America’s fastest growing cities, becoming a first-time homebuyer is more challenging because average wages can’t keep up with the rising cost of a median priced home. And, Denver takes the number one spot as the least affordable hot spot for millennial buyers, according to a new joint analysis by ATTOM Data Solutions and Down Payment Resource. keep reading

Final 3 down payment assistance myths debunked – Get the top 10

We want you to get the real story on down payment assistance. Drum roll please…we debunk our final three surprisingly common myths about down payment assistance. And, you can check out our complete top 10.

In a competitive market, it’s important to investigate all your options and don’t let these common myths keep you sidelined.  keep reading