Homeownership Program Providers

How We Promote Your Programs

Our unique platform contains all homebuyer programs from Housing Finance Agencies, municipalities, nonprofits, and more. Tens of thousands of homebuyers, real estate agents, and lenders see your programs each month through our DPA search engine, property listings, lender websites, or homebuyer education courses.

Best of all, we help you spread the word by promoting your programs for free through our platform and partnerships.

Who We Are

We speak the language of DPA and share your passion for helping homebuyers. Down Payment Resource (DPR) was founded in 2008 with a mission to ensure all homebuyers are aware of their down payment options.

We research and monitor homebuyer program requirements in partnership with agencies like yours. Through MLSs, REALTOR® Associations, lenders, nonprofits, education providers, housing counselors, and more, we work hard to promote your programs to prospective homebuyers and the professionals that serve them.

Ensuring Accuracy

How We Track Your Programs

Our team of DPA experts tracks and monitors your homebuyer programs to ensure our partners and users see current, accurate information. A crucial part of our effort is to build a relationship with you that will strengthen our mutual goal of expanding homeownership opportunities.

In exchange for free and widespread promotion of your programs, we ask that you sign up for our monthly program update request so we can stay connected. We’ll email you once a month to check in on program changes, funding status, or any other relevant updates. With your support, we can reach more homebuyers, real estate professionals, and loan officers.

Local Agencies: Learn How DPR Promotes Your Programs

Your partnership is important to us, as are the many new homebuyers who find out about your DPA programs through our Down Payment Resource (DPR) platform.

Watch this webinar to see how DPR connects homebuyers (as well as lenders and real estate agents) with your programs.


With rising home prices, it’s more important than ever for first time homebuyers to find and utilize down payment and closing cost assistance. Having access to these programs can make the dream of homeownership possible much sooner, especially in a growing market where the amount needed for financing and rental costs are both increasing.

Housing Finance Agencies continually look for new ways to extend the reach of their homeownership programs and educate more buyers about their opportunities. By partnering with Down Payment Resource, HFAs are able to effectively promote their programs to hundreds of thousands of homebuyers, real estate agents and lenders. NALHFA is pleased to have worked with Down Payment Resource since 2010 to bring this game-changing tool to its members.

By providing Realtors and mortgage lenders with an easy way to match their customers with our programs we can reach more of our intended audience at no incremental cost. This is a great way for housing finance agencies to make the most of its precious resources.

Our partnership with Down Payment Resource has been an overwhelming success in Minnesota. It’s a perfect example of how industry partners, both for-profit and non-profit, can work together to improve access to information that helps first-time home buyers become successful homeowners.

Often the biggest challenge for those seeking affordable homes is to understand the complexities of the many assistance programs available today. Down Payment Resource will be an integral part of our marketing plan to insure that buyers of our homes receive the best financing solutions possible.

Partnering with Down Payment Resource is extremely easy. You don’t have to remember to update programs if/when changes occur, they check with you to see if updates happened. All you have to do is respond to an email! Down Payment Resource is also a good resource when working with clients to see if they are eligible for other programs that may be piggybacked with our programs OR if our programs don’t quite work for a specific client. It’s an easy way to promote your programs and match clients with what is available to them.