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CMBA Connect Podcast (July 23, 2023): Tune in as Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane joins Susan Milazzo to delve into the Down Payment Resource story and shed light on how homebuyer assistance programs can be a game-changer for both mortgage lenders and homebuyers.

Scotsman Guide Author Showcase (June 12, 2023): Carl White interviews Rob Chrane of Down Payment Resource about his article, “Clear Up the Confusion on These Offerings,” in the June 2023 issue of Scotsman Guide Residential Edition.

NAR Real Estate Today Podcast (March 31, 2023): In this episode of NAR’s Real Estate Today podcast, Sean Moss of Down Payment Resource takes us through a variety of down payment assistance plans and says why it’s a mistake to assume you don’t qualify for one.

Fairway’s Homeownership Insights podcast (March 23, 2023): Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane shares the best ways to find down payment help in this episode of the Homeownership Insights™ podcast.

National Mortgage Professional’s Gated podcast (March 1, 2023): Down Payment Resource’s EVP or Product and Operations Sean Moss joins Gated to dispel myths around DPA and why they’re more important than ever given current market conditions.


Mortgage Coach Interview (December 19, 2022): Watch this interview with Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane to learn how Zillow generated 1M leads last year while educating first-time home buyers about DPA loans.

Talk Data to Me Podcast (November 7, 2022): On this episode of Certified Credit’s Talk Data To Me podcast, Rob Chrane breaks down how lenders can leverage data from our Q3 Homeownership Program Index to serve more borrowers and make smarter lending decisions.

NAR Real Estate Today Podcast (September 30, 2022): Down Payment Resource Strategic Projects Director Marcy Ash discusses how down payment assistance programs can be a big help to first-time buyers.

The First-Time Homebuyer Podcast (August 29, 2022): Laura Moreno, founder of HomeFlow, and Down Payment Resource’s Sean Moss discuss the over 2,200 down payment programs available for homebuyers and how to find them.

Vendor Alley – Industry Relations Podcast (June 30, 2022): Rob and Greg are joined by Rob Chrane of Down Payment Resource. They talk about the many programs that are available that people are missing out on and what paths can be taken to afford a home in today’s market.

Wells Fargo Funding Connect Series – Down Payment Assistance (May 23, 2022): A video podcast with Marcy Ash, Director of Strategic Projects at Down Payment Resource, where she shares insight on the demand for LOs that are versed in DPAs, creative inventory solutions, how to sell the strengths of a buyer who is using down payment assistance, tactics you can leverage in a competitive seller’s market, and developing strategies that allow you to avoid the sunk cost of a denied loan. At the end of the podcast, Marcy busts some common DPA myths.

Real Estate Today – How to Buy a House (January 7, 2022): If you’re worried about the down payment you need for purchasing a home, it may not be as much as you think. Rob Chrane, CEO of Down Payment Resource provides some insight into down payment assistance programs and how they can help.


Real Estate Today – Scary Things! (October 29, 2021): Rob Chrane, CEO & President of Down Payment Resource, discusses down payment assistance program eligibility and how it varies depending on your location.

TSAHC On the House Podcast: Busting Common DPA Myths (June 11, 2021): In honor of National Homeownership Month, TSAHC sat down with Sean Moss, Down Payment Resource’s Senior Vice President and Director of Operations, to debunk some common myths that home buyers hear about down payment assistance.

Wells Fargo Funding Diverse Segments Podcast: Down Payment Assistance Programs (February 4, 2021): Jatoya Hewitt and Sean Moss discuss recent market trends and the vital role down payment assistance programs can play in growing your business and helping to make homeownership possible for more homebuyers.

HomeFlow – The First-Time Homebuyer Podcast (January 20, 2021): How To Access The Billions Of Dollars of Free Money Available to First Time Home Buyers, with Rob Chrane – CEO, Down Payment Resource.


Real Estate Uncensored Podcast (September 3, 2020): Where can agents find down payment assistance programs for their clients? What’s holding us back from making our customers’ dreams a reality? In this episode, Founder and CEO of Down Payment Resource, Rob Chrane, shares how to find help for your clients.

Rent, Move, Buy Podcast (August 3, 2020): Do you really need to make a 20% down payment to purchase a house? Rob Chrane, the CEO of Down Payment Resource, has more than 30 years of experience as an executive in the real estate and mortgage finance industries. In this episode, we’ll talk about different down payment options, particularly for first-time homebuyers, and how down payment assistance programs work across the country.

Listing Bits Podcast (February 14, 2020): Getting People in Homes with Down Payment Assistance – with Rob Chrane


Home Starts Here Podcast (October 2019): Creating Solutions to Affordable Housing Challenges

Articles and Interviews:

Inman News (May 28, 2024): By making homeownership more affordable, Bernice Ross writes, DPA enhances the value agents bring to the table and plays a vital role in making homeownership more accessible.

National Mortgage Professional (May 21, 2024): Joniel LeVecque, senior director of single-family programs at Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC), writes about DPA, debunking the myths and citing our study with the Urban Institute showing more than 30% of mortgage loan applications that are denied every year could have potentially been salvaged with DPA.

MBA Newslink (April 25, 2024): Highlighting the findings from the Q1 2024 HPI, reporting that 79 homebuyer assistance programs were added in the first quarter, to hit 2,373 total. That’s an increase of 9% year-over-year.

HousingWire (April 9, 2024): Heartland MLS joins forces with Down Payment Resource – DPR will now provide support to Heartland MLS’s network of 12,000 agents.

MBA Newslink (March 12, 2024): Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane shares important research findings regarding lenders that are allowing FHA borrowers leave DPA on the table.

The Mortgage Note (March 11, 2024): Down Payment Resource’s Executive Vice President of Product and Operations Sean Moss discusses down payment options for homebuyers.

National Mortgage Professional (March 11, 2024): Down Payment Resource’s Executive Vice President, HFA Relations Veronica Khandelwal was named a National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s 2024 Mortgage Lending Women of Inspiration.

MBA Newslink (February 8, 2024): Highlighting the findings from the Q4 2023 Homeownership Program Index, revealing a year-over-year increases in the total number of programs being offered.

MortgageOrb (January 31, 2024): As affordability eroded, due to higher mortgage rates and record-high home prices, downpayment assistance programs flourished during 2023, increasing 6% compared with 2022, according to Down Payment Resource.

HousingWire (January 30, 2024) Highlighting the findings from the Q4 2023 Homeownership Program Index, revealing 135 new homebuyer assistance programs introduced in 2023, a 6% increase over the previous year.

NMP Magazine (January 1, 2024): Down Payment Resource’s Executive Vice President of Product and Operations Sean Moss has been selected as an Industry Titan by National Mortgage Professional (NMP) magazine.


MBA Newslink (November 13, 2023): According to the Q3 2023 Homeownership Program Index, a total of 1,373 agencies provide assistance to aspiring homeowners as affordability worsens, a 3.7% increase over the previous quarter.

The Housing Scene (November 10, 2023): Lew Sichelman discusses the down payment benefits available for vets and military personnel.

National Mortgage Professional (November 10, 2023): Down Payment Resource report highlights 61 programs offering up to $120,000 in assistance to help veterans build, buy, or make accessibility-related home renovations.

MReport (November 9, 2023): Covers the findings from the Q3 2023 Homeownership Program Index, including the 43 homebuyer assistance programs available in 14 states that are designed to support Native Americans.

Yahoo Finance (November 9, 2023): Discusses the findings from the Q3 2023 Homeownership Program Index, which uncovered 295 homebuyer assistance programs that allow borrowers to lower their interest rates by paying an upfront fee.

HousingWire (November 9, 2023): Highlighting the findings from the Q3 2023 Homeownership Program Index, revealing 2,256 homebuyer assistance programs are available in the U.S. housing market after 54 programs were added in the third quarter. (October 23, 2023): EVP of Product and Operations at Down Payment Resource Sean Moss is quoted in this article regarding cities that make the largest—and smallest—down payments.

The Washington Post (September 21, 2023): Down Payment Resource EVP Sean Moss discusses the abundance of homebuyer assistance available in the D.C. area and to access them.

Inman (August 9, 2023): Zillow Senior Economist Orphe Divounguy discusses how Zillow is working to help educate homebuyers on their down payment options through their partnership with Down Payment Resource.

Forbes (August 8, 2023): Rob Chrane, CEO of Down Payment Resource, was quoted in this article that illustrates a path to homeownership for Gen Z buyers through homebuyer assistance.

MReport (July 25, 2023): Down Payment Resource released its Q2 2023 Homeownership Program Index (HPI), which revealed a second consecutive quarterly uptick of 0.5% in the number of homebuyer assistance programs available to help people finance homes, raising the overall number of programs to 2,373.

Ohio Land Title Association (July 23, 2023): Veronica Khandelwal, VP of HFA Relations at Down Payment Resource, contributed an article to the Ohio Land Title Association’s July “Title Topics” newsletter that debunks myths surrounding DPA and mortgage default risks.

Scotsman Guide (June 2, 2023): In this feature, Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane explains how loan officers and brokers can better serve the millions of Americans who want to build wealth through homeownership but need financial support and education to make it happen.

RISMedia (May 11, 2023): The Houston Association of REALTORS® has announced it has implemented Down Payment Resource to bring Greater Houston area homebuyers’ attention to homebuyer assistance programs in the wake of declining housing affordability.

National Mortgage Professional (May 3, 2023): Down Payment Resource adds 4 new staff members to support new client acquisition and enhance client service.

MReport (May 1, 2023): Highlights the key findings from Down Payment Resource’s Q2 2023 Homeownership Program Index, which reflects a 0.5% increase in the number of programs since Q1 2023.

Multi-Housing News (March 8, 2023): MHN Columnist Lew Sichelman chats with Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane about the hundreds of underutilized programs that help multifamily investors get their start.

The Mortgage Note (February 10, 2023): Down Payment Resource EVP Sean Moss was interviewed for this article regarding the benefits of using DPA for multi-family properties.

MBA Newslink (January 31, 2023): In this feature, Rob Chrane explains how lenders can increase loan pull-through, earn borrower loyalty and build referral networks by offering DPA guidance to consumers who need financial assistance to achieve homeownership.

MReport (January 30, 2023): Highlighting the findings from Down Payment Resource’s Q4 2022 Homeownership Program Index, which revealed an increase in the number of available programs for the fifth consecutive quarter.

Mortgage Women Magazine (January 27, 2023): Marcy Ash has been named a 2023 Women of Tech by Mortgage Women Magazine. As our former director of strategic projects, Marcy played a key role in helping the mortgage industry advance affordable homeownership with digital tools that make homebuyer and down payment assistance support more accessible.

National Mortgage Professional (January 2023): Our Founder and CEO Rob Chrane has been selected to National Mortgage Professional’s list of 2023 Industry Titans.


Inman News (December 16, 2022): According to Zillow, 1M users have queried its Down Payment Resource database since the real estate search portal partnered with the data provider a year ago as home prices soared.

National Mortgage News (October 13, 2022): Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane writes an opinion piece on why lenders should be concerned about institutional housing investors.

Redfin (October 6, 2022): Redfin announces their partnership with Down Payment Resource, launching their Down Payment Assistance Feature to help make homeownership more attainable.

NEWS4SA Segment (September 15, 2022): Sean Moss, EVP of Product & Operations at Down Payment Resource, had a chance to chat with NEWS4SA about bringing down payment assistance information to San Antonio homebuyers through our new partnership with the San Antonio Board of REALTORS®.

MReport (August 23, 2022): Down Payment Resource’s CEO, Rob Chrane, is interviewed in this article, which emphasizes the importance of building awareness of down payment assistance for today’s homebuyers.

The Washington Post (August 4, 2022): Referencing Down Payment Resource’s analysis of declined loans, Michelle Lerner points out that industry experts could have saved loans with homebuyer assistance.

MReport (August 4, 2022): Down Payment Resource’s most recent Homeownership Program Index (HPI) reveals an increase in available programs for the third consecutive quarter, despite economic woes.

MReport (August 3, 2022): Reporting on Down Payment Resource’s declined loan analysis, which revealed one-third of declined loans were eligible for homebuyer assistance.

National Mortgage News (July 20, 2022): Down payment aid programs have proliferated, but is anyone using them? Down Payment Resource’s Homeownership Program Index rose by 1.6% on a quarter-to-quarter basis, with a net increase of 36 programs to 2,273.

National Mortgage Professional (July 19, 2022): Highlights the Q2 2022 Homeownership Program Index, which revealed a 2% increase in available programs.

The Mortgage Reports (June 28, 2022): Down Payment Resource’s analysis of declined loans is mentioned in this piece encouraging homebuyers who may have had issues with qualifying in the past to learn more about available assistance programs.

National Mortgage Professional (June 17, 2022): A comprehensive piece by housing industry veteran, Lew Sichelman, that asks lenders an important question: Are You Allowing Good Loans To Die?

HousingWire (June 13, 2022): Are lenders dropping the ball on homebuyer assistance? Down Payment CEO Rob Chrane believes borrowers in need of homebuyer assistance now represent a significant market segment and lenders to familiarize themselves with these programs to help increase their purchase pipelines.

MBA Newslink (June 10, 2022): Down Payment Resource found a large share of declined purchase mortgage loan applications were declined for either insufficient cash-to-close or disqualifying DTI ratios and also eligible for homebuyer assistance at the time of declination.

Mortgage Professionals America Magazine (June 8, 2022): An analysis done by Down Payment Resource found that 33% of all loan applications, denied for either insufficient cash-to-close or disqualifying debt-to-income ratios, could have possibly been salvaged with the right homebuyer assistance program.

The Mortgage Reports (May 17, 2022): Down payment help is available, and in this article, Down Payment Resource CEO, Rob Chrane, helps to point out the importance of these programs as affordability declines for many potential homebuyers.

MReport (May 10, 2022): Down Payment Resource CEO, Rob Chrane, was quoted in this article discussing the many barriers homebuyers are facing in today’s competitive market.

Florida Realtors (May 4, 2022): Lew Sichelman quotes Down Payment Resource’s Sean Moss, along with several Housing Finance Agency professionals, regarding the availability of down payment programs and how to find them. (April 7, 2022): In an effort to help close the homeownership gap, is partnering with Down Payment Resource to add a down payment assistance search tool on everyone where consumers can see if they are eligible for programs that can help fund their home purchase. (April 5, 2022): Down Payment Resource’s vice president of HFA Relations, Veronica Khandelwal, was quoted regarding down payment grants.

National Mortgage News (March 30, 2022): In this op-ed, Down Payment Resource CEO, Rob Chrane, discusses the steps we as industry can take to create measurable progress toward expanding housing equity and affordability.

The Mortgage Reports (March 30, 2022): Down Payment Resource’s EVP of Product and Operations, Sean Moss, agrees with other industry experts that “buying a house with either a low down payment or down payment assistance (DPA) is both doable and realistic”.

MBA Newslink (January 31, 2022): Index Cites Gains in Home Buyer Assistance Programs – Down Payment Resource, Atlanta, said results of its latest Homeownership Program Index showed measurable quarter-over-quarter gains in program funding levels and an increased prevalence of programs aimed at assisting community heroes.

MReport (January 28, 2022): Support for Manufactured Housing On the Rise – While homebuyer assistance programs have historically favored site-built homes, as of Q4, 28% of programs allow manufactured housing as an eligible property type, up nearly 2% from the previous quarter.


Inman News (December 16, 2021): How agents can utilize Zillow’s Down Payment Resource deal (December 15, 2021): Zillow Adds Down Payment Assistance Information to For Sale Listings: New partnership with Down Payment Resource highlights assistance programs on listings, which analysis shows can provide an estimated benefit of nearly $17,000.

Inman News (September 29, 2021): California Regional MLS bakes in Down Payment Resource tool

National Mortgage News (August 20, 2021): Down payment help is available across the country and could help ease the affordability crisis. “There isn’t a county in this country where there’s not some kind of down-payment help available,” said Sean Moss, director of operations at Down Payment Resource.

MGIC Loan Officer Hub (May 17, 2021): Down Payment Resource’s Director of Marketing Communications, Melinda Harris, discusses “Those Darn DPAs!” and how loan officers can open lines of communication with borrowers and real estate agents when it comes to DPA.

Next Advisor (January 21, 2021): It’s a tough market out there for buyers, but there are ways to make an offer more appealing. Sean Moss, the director of operations for Down Payment Resource, discusses how being prepared when using down payment programs can help prevent closing delays.


Next Advisor (December 8, 2020): Keep your savings account intact by taking advantage of a down payment assistance program. Sean Moss, the director of operations for Down Payment Resource, discusses what types of programs are available and who offers them.

Scotsman Guide (September 30, 2020): In this op-ed, Down Payment Resource CEO, Rob Chrane, urges housing industry professionals to rethink the long-held beliefs regarding low-downpayment borrowers and learn the unique role downpayment assistance can play in helping homebuyers. (September 22, 2020): Many cities, counties, and state housing agencies offer grant and forgivable loans that can offset these costs. Down Payment Resource can also help match you with programs in your new area.

Inman News (September 11, 2020): Down payment assistance programs remain strong during pandemic. According to Down Payment Resource’s latest report, 81% of down payment assistance programs in Q3 still had funding for homebuyers.

Chicago Agent Magazine (September 11, 2020): New report highlights down payment programs to assist first-time buyers. Within the HPI, a whopping 2,340 programs are available, with over 81% of those programs containing available funds for eligible homeowners.

Realty Times (August 24, 2020): In this op-ed, Down Payment Resource CEO, Rob Chrane, challenges the housing industry to work together to end homeownership disparity through lower down payments and increased education for homebuyers. (July 24, 2020): Don’t Have 20% for a Down Payment? Here’s How to Buy a Home With Less – Sean Moss, senior vice president at Down Payment Resource, discusses how down payment programs can give a homebuyer a competitive edge in today’s market.

Next Advisor (July 22, 2020): A home is among the biggest money moves you’ll ever make—and with 88% of homebuyers financing their purchases, odds are you’ll need a mortgage. Sean Moss, the director of operations for Down Payment Resource, discusses how local and regional programs offer closing cost and down payment assistance for qualified buyers.

Chicago Tribune (July 13, 2020): Between record-low interest rates and down payment assistance programs, the pandemic might be an opportune time for millennials to buy a home.

Inman News (June 20, 2020): Bernice Ross, President and CEO of BrokerageUP and, relays the highlights from her recent in-depth interview with Rob Chrane, the founder and CEO of Down Payment Resource.

Real Estate Coach Uncensored (June 8, 2020): On this week’s Real Estate Coach Uncensored show, Bernice Ross and Greg McDaniel interview Rob Chrane, the founder and CEO of Down Payment Resource, who explains how you can put down payment assistance programs to work in your business.

Inman News (April 22, 2020): Young buyers disproportionately impacted by economic fallout; According to Down Payment Resource’s latest report, millennials and Gen-Zers were on track to hit their home buying peak before April’s record layoffs (April 1, 2020): Spring House Hunt: A guide to buyer-assistance loan programs

Inman News (February 19, 2020): Down payment assistance tool offers buyer leads to loan officers; Subscribers can use an eligibility lookup feature to match clients with programs and compare up to 4 programs at once

Mortgage Professional America (February 20, 2020): MGIC, DPR connect buyers to down-payment assistance programs


The Dallas Morning News (November 30, 2019): The definition of “first-time” buyer is more flexible than might be expected

Bankrate (October 17, 2019): 8 signs you’re ready to stop renting and buy a home

Real Estate Today Radio (October 7, 2019): Interview with Down Payment Resource SVP Sean Moss

7 on Your Side, ABC News (September 23, 2019): Down payment loans help Bay Area residents realize homeowner dream

The Dallas Morning News (September 21, 2019): Gen Y is relying less on mom and dad for mortgage help

The Washington Post (September 12, 2019): Looking to buy a home? Here are D.C.-area programs that can help you.

NBC News (August 15, 2019): 5 must-do’s if you want to buy a home but have student debt

Real Estate Today Radio (July 30, 2019): Interview with Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane

Boston Globe (July 16, 2019):5 myths about mortgage down payments debunked

Chicago Tribune (June 19, 2019): Chicago housing market hurdle: As baby boomers stay put, millennials struggle to find starter homes

Consumer Reports (May 9, 2019): How to Get the Best Mortgage Rate: Even though rates are low right now, you may need to take steps to qualify for the lowest ones

The MReport (March 21, 2019): The Millennial Home Shopper—Booming and Buying Cheaper

The Mercury News (March 15, 2019): Qualified California renters lack financial knowledge to purchase, others just choose not to own

U.S. News & World Report (March 12, 2019): How to Get Down Payment Assistance for a Mortgage

Builder Magazine (March 8, 2019): DOWN PAYMENT MYTHS HAMPER YOUNG BUYERS, Financing misconceptions discourage many would-be first-time buyers. Make sure your customers know the real deal.

Atlanta Agent Magazine (February 15, 2019): Georgia ranks 9th in assistance for first-time homebuyers

Reuters (February 4, 2019): Help available for first-time buyers, if you can find it (January 30, 2019): What Would it Take for Generation Z to Purchase a Home?

Washington Post (January 3, 2019): Survey: Millennial renters plan to wait to buy a home?

Archived Articles and Interviews

Washington Post (December 6, 2018): High prices got you down? The home you’re looking for could still be within reach.

HouseLogic (December 2018): Little know ways you can buy a house without a down payment (November 2018): Do you qualify for down payment assistance?

NBC News (November 14, 2018): All the single ladies … are becoming homeowners; Building wealth is important, but so is family stability and proximity, say single women home buyers.

Scotsman Guide (September 24, 2018): Study: Millennials face three housing roadblocks

Washington Post (August 30, 2018): Are you a teacher, first responder or other service worker seeking to buy your first home? You might be eligible for down-payment assistance.

The List TV Show (August 27, 2018): Buying a Home? Programs That Can Help You With a Down Payment

Inman News (August 24, 2018): How millennials can achieve their homeownership dreams in 4 steps

Inman News (July 11, 2018): The 5 most important things I’ve learned during my decade in real estate by Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane

Inman News (July 6, 2018): Meet the Inman Innovator finalists: Most Innovative Real Estate Technology

Cheat Sheet (July 4, 2018): 5 Easy Ways to Save Money for a Down Payment Blog (June 29, 2018): Down Payment Resource Connects Homebuyers to Financial Assistance, Tax Credits, and Other Valuable Programs

Geek Estate Blog (June 16, 2018): Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Rob Chrane from Down Payment Resource

Credit Union Times (June 8, 2018): Is Your CU Ready for the Changing Mortgage Market?

Vendor Alley (June 4, 2018): Down Payment Resource Celebrates 10 Years

Scotsman Guide (May 16, 2018): Demand Rises for Down Payment Help

Money Magazine (May 15, 2018): This Chart Shows How Quickly You Can Save for a Down Payment on Your First Home (May 14, 2018): The Down Payment Resource Platform Connects Homebuyers to Programs that Can Provide Thousands in Home Cost Savings

Inman News (May 10, 2018): Down Payment Resource nominated for 2018 Inman Innovator Awards: Most Innovative Real Estate Technology (April 30, 2018): Down Payment Resource Helps Americans Buy Homes

The Housing Scene column (April 6, 2018): Buyers Need to Jump Three Hurdles

HousingWire (April 2, 2018): MGIC announces partnership with Down Payment Resource

ATTOM Data Housing News Report (February 2018): Lead Article: “Persistent Home Price Appreciation Pressures Market Orthodoxies.” Features quotes from DPR CEO Rob Chrane.

Orlando Sentinel (February 5, 2018): Homeownership rekindles following rise in renters

Washington Post (January 25, 2018): Financial planning can help reduce anxiety of buying a home

The New York Times (December 8, 2018): How Some States Are Helping First-time Homebuyers

The MReport (November 13, 2017): FinTech Fast Tracks Mortgages

REALTORMag (November 9, 2017): Newbie Buyers Make Smaller Down Payments

Urban Institute Blog (November 6, 2017): How fintech innovations can help bridge the wealth gap

Washington Post (November 2, 2017): New crowdfunding service offers home buyers a new source for down payment funds

HousingWire (September 1, 2017): Down Payment Resource SVP Sean Moss Named to 2017 HousingWire Insiders List

Marketwatch (August 25, 2017): With 30 programs and counting, home-equity sharing is one way to clear a down payment hurdle

Inman News (August 15, 2017): Down Payment Resource bolsters agent lead gen tool; Merging Down Payment Connect with Facebook ads can give agents an edge with first-time homebuyers (August 14, 2017): What Do You Do? The Answer Determines How Long You Need to Save for a Home

HousingWire (August 14, 2017): Here’s how Texas is dealing with growing affordability concerns; A spotlight on down payment programs in Texas (July 28, 2017): How to Buy a House: 4 Ways to Purchase Faster and Smarter

The MReport (July 11, 2017): Down, Down, Down Payments

The Denver Channel (July 2, 2017): Colorado housing credits every home buyer needs to know about; Down payment assistance can give buyers a chance

KCM Crew (June 26, 2017): 2 Myths Holding Back Homebuyers

CNBC (June 20, 2017): Is a 20 percent down payment out of reach? How to get around that

Scotsman Guide (June 22, 2017): Lenders move into no-downpayment territory

Westword (June 21, 2017): How Millennial Newcomers Have Made Buying a Home in Denver So Much Harder

NerdWallet (June 12, 2017): Down Payment Strategies for First-Time Home Buyers

The MReport (June 12, 2017): Lower Down Payments Make Homeownership More Accessible

CheatSheet (June 8, 2017): Simple But Effective Ways to Save Money for a House

Associated Press (May 31, 2017): Ways homebuyers can leap the down payment hurdle

Washington Post (May 16, 2017): 5 tips for millennials who want to buy a house–and keep their avocado toast (May 9, 2017): Home Buyers’ Top Mortgage Fears: Which One Scares You? (March 28, 2017): What Is the Standard Down Payment on a House?

DSNews (March 13, 2017): Low Down Payment Programs Attracting Millennials

HousingWire (March 1, 2017): 2017 HW Tech100 Winner: Down Payment Resource

Inman News (March 1, 2017): What agents should know about the massive growth of down payment assistance; What’s available where and to whom when it comes to a little down payment boost

The MReport (February 2, 2017): More Help Available for Homebuyers in 2016

Inman News (January 31, 2017): The ‘portal like’ consumer experience from Florida’s largest MLS; New listing site features unique predictive analytics tool that generates true cost of living

WFTS-TV, ABC affiliate in Tampa Bay (January 31, 2017): Real estate website aims to show you “true” cost of a home (January 25, 2017): Buyers Alert: Should You Trade Future Home Equity for Down Payment Help?

NerdWallet (December 13, 2016): America’s Best Places for First-Time Homebuyers

Denver Business Journal (December 21, 2016): A Colorado city is among the 10 best in the nation for first-time homebuyers; here’s how 13 rank

Inman News (November 21, 2016): How affordable housing programs can help you list more homes

Baltimore Sun (October 15, 2016): Firm will invest in your new house and share in gains

U.S. News & World Report (October 14, 2016): How Homebuyers Can Receive Down Payment Assistance; Thousands of programs nationwide offer financial help to prospective buyers – and existing homeowners. (September 28, 2016): 10 Priciest Metros Where Buyers Can Score the Most Down Payment Help (September 26, 2016): How to Buy a Home Without a 20% Down Payment (September 22, 2016): Save for a home: Here’s how much money you need for a house — and how to budget.

Inman News (September 19, 2016): Can you explain down payments to clients?A comprehensive look at programs for buyers

The Denver Post (August 28, 2016): Down payment assistance is out there, but does it matter in Denver’s housing market?

Fox News (August 5, 2016): How Down Payment Assistance Can Help You Foot the Bill for a Home

The Housing Scene by Lew Sichelman (July 15, 2016): Tax Credit Certificates On the Rise

HousingWire (June 29, 2016):Home shoppers! Here are 6 tips to help save for your new home. Includes finding down payment programs and low-down payment loans.

RealtyBiz (June 17, 2016): DPR and eHome America Announce Expanded Partnership During National Homeownership Month

Marketwatch (June 12, 2016): How Americans are missing out on homebuying help; Down payment assistance programs can slash closing costs, but few buyers know about them.

Washington Post (June 11, 2016): A wealth of resources for first-time home buyers in the Washington area

Sun Sentinel (June 10, 2016): South Florida homebuyers benefiting from down payment assistance

Inman News (June 10, 2016): Down payment assistance saves more in most markets; RealtyTrac and Down Payment Resource analyze financial pros to buying with assistance

RISMedia (June 10, 2016): Down Payment Assistance Programs Save Qualifying Homebuyers More Than $17,000 on Average over Life of Loan

HousingWire (June 9, 2016): RealtyTrac: Down payment assistance saving homebuyers thousands; Homebuyers save average of $17,000

Yahoo! Finance (April 18, 2016): Now I Get It: Down Payments

Consumer Reports (March 2016 issue): How to Fund a Down Payment: Employ these strategies to obtain that all-important sum

Consumer Reports TV segment (March 3, 2016): ABC affiliates cover how to get a down payment with interest free loans and homebuyer counseling.

Inman News (February 29, 2016): How to give millennials the low-down on low down payments (February 9, 2016): Bankrate survey: Nearly half of renters are afraid they can’t buy; Down payment dilemma

Marketwatch (January 4, 2016): Why first-time homebuyers are staying on the sidelines; Down payments and education play a role

International Business Times (December 30, 2015): Millennials could jump into the housing market in 2016

Inman News (December 30, 2015): Why real estate isn’t a zero-sum game; Reduce competition by educating on-the-fence buyers about their home purchasing options

Expert Real Estate Tips with Ilyce Glink (October 28, 2015): Free Money to Help You Buy a Home; Ilyce Glink interviews Rob Chrane about down payment programs and how they can help homebuyers

Lifehacker (October 16, 2015): Down Payment Resource Finds Programs That Will Help You Buy a Home

Banker & Tradesman (October 14, 2015): Housing Scene: Quarterly Homeownership Program Index Debunks Five Down Payment Myths

Realty Biz News (October 14, 2015): Down Payment Resource debunks down payment myths and highlights the Q3 Homeownership Program Index

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“The narrative is that it’s too hard to get a loan today and when first-time buyers believe that, they won’t even begin their search. That hurts the overall housing market,” Rob Chrane of Down Payment Resource said. “Consumers for the most part have no idea that these programs exist, so they don’t think to ask for them. Whatever your situation is, whatever you have for a down payment, you could be in a much better situation if you find out you are eligible for one of these programs.”

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Consider down-payment assistance. Many first-timers assume that programs offered by state and local housing authorities are only for low-income candidates, says Rob Chrane, head of Down Payment Resource. But numerous programs are available for middle-income buyers; some offer no-interest loans or grants.

Thought Leadership Perspective in FSO Knowledge Xchange (October 22, 2014): An overlooked gift from the CFPB (DPR CEO Rob Chrane authors thought leadership perspective on the HFA exemption)

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“I really think this is a great resource for agents and consumers.” – Greg Robertson

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Fox Business (April 16, 2014): How to find financial assistance for your down payment (Down Payment Resource president Rob Chrane quoted about the lack of awareness of programs and types available today) (April 10, 2014): Down Payment Assistance is Still Available (Down Payment Resource president Rob Chrane quoted about options available for consumers)

Inman News (March 20, 2014): Honolulu MLS is latest to show which properties may qualify for down payment assistance (HiCentral MLS and Down Payment Resource partnership highlighted)Pacific Business News (March 20, 2014): Honolulu MLS adding new technology to help homebuyers looking for down payment assistance

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