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As the shortage of affordable housing worsens, low down payment mortgages are playing a vital role in helping families become homeowners and stimulating housing demand.

Consumers today have at their disposal an extraordinary variety of low down payment options—from FHA, some 2,500 plus homeownership programs, and the newest products offered by America’s leading lenders. However, public awareness of the opportunities to buy a home with a low down payment is still surprisingly low, according to recent surveys. 

To help improve knowledge and understanding of the latest information on low down payments and its impact on the housing market, we created The Down Payment Report. On a monthly basis, we collect, report and archive news and commentary on down payments from a wide variety of sources.

Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions on how we can make The Down Payment Report more useful to you.

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May 2019

  • Down Payment Interview: Freddie Mac’s Deputy Chief Economist on recent research about down payment perceptions and reality.
  • Use of state and local HFA down payment assistance doubled in four years.
  • House hearings spotlight the state of minority homeownership.
  • HUD reviews down payment assistance for FHA loans.
  • FHA returns to 2016 credit standards.
  • How buyers are sourcing their down payment.
  • More than half of first-timers compare lenders.
  • Gen Z is on the move.
  • Down payment and first-time homebuyer numbers at-a-glance.

Download the full issue. (Released May 21, 2019)

March 2019

    • Exclusive: Trulia’s chief economist on why this is a good year to buy.
    • Millennials continue to lead the way on the national homeownership rate.
    • Affordable markets win out over trendy metros.
    • New decline in homebuyer sentiment.
    • Are seniors who age in place hurting first-time buyers?
    • PMI boomed last year.
    • Is FHA’s insurance premium putting its credit quality at risk?
    • Down payment and first-time homebuyer numbers at-a-glance.

Download the full issue. (Released March 21, 2019)

        • February 2019

            • Buy younger, retire richer? New study from the Urban Institute finds that Millennials who are putting off buying their first homes today will pay the price in their sixties.
            • Why 2019 will be tough on buyers — The DPR interview with Realtor.com economist Danielle Hale
            • Buyers avoid low down payments in the nation’s hottest markets
            • Can Generation Z save $304 a month for 12 years to afford a home?
            • Lenders rank low down payment mortgages as most helpful tool for low- to moderate-income buyers.
            • 7 markets with the greatest potential impact of down payment assistance
            • Down payment and first-time homebuyer numbers at-a-glance