Buying a Home Without Giving Up Your Avocado Toast…or Latte

Is your avocado toast or grande latte getting the blame for your rental status? Recently, Australian millionaire Tim Gurner offered young buyers some advice for buying a home: forgo the avocado toast. Millennials were not amused, citing real issues such as the rising costs in student loans and health insurance for the drag on their finances.

The Washington Post recently spoke with us at Down Payment Resource and outlined some bigger ways millennials can make a dent in their down payment savings — ranked as the number one challenge for would-be homebuyers. keep reading

5 Worst Pieces of Advice for Buying a Home

If you are considering buying a home, you’ve probably suffered from a bit of information overload. We read a lot of stories about home buying. The good news is you have countless resources at your fingertips. The bad news? There’s also some not so great advice out there that can make you feel like throwing in the towel.

Here’s some home buying advice you can bypass: keep reading