7 Things All Homebuyers Should Know About Homeownership

Do you feel overwhelmed with the process of home buying? You’re not alone. Homebuyer surveys find that more people today want to buy a home, but challenges such as saving for a down payment and student loans are keeping them sidelined.

We know the vast majority of buyers (92 percent) use online search at some point in their home buying process. Maybe that’s how you found us at Down Payment Resource!

But, before you start picking out your dream house online, take a minute to make sure you grasp these 7 key facts about homeownership. keep reading

NeighborhoodLIFT Program Expands to Serve Atlanta

Home buying can be overwhelming. What if you could walk into one location and learn about the home buying process, meet with a mortgage consultant and meet with a nonprofit counselor to determine if you could get $15,000 in down payment help? And, did we mention free activities for your kids?

That’s exactly what you’ll do when you attend a NeighborhoodLIFT event.  keep reading

Your Mom Called: The Bank of Mom and Dad is Stretched Thin

Home and rent prices are increasing faster than incomes, especially for younger households. Add in the strain of student loan debt and it’s hard for many to see a path to homeownership. 

Who you gonna call? Turns out, for 17.1 percent of millennials it’s the bank of mom and dad. A new report from Apartment List found that more than 17 percent of millennials surveyed expect financial help from family towards a down payment. Of those, one in three anticipate family support will cover at least 30 percent of their down payment. keep reading